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It's Not Me, It's You (LiveJournal)

I just can't take LJ anymore. It doesn't call. It doesn't write. Or, more accurately, it won't let me write! Between all the system hacks and the fact that posting something takes forever because LJ constantly decides I am not allowed to choose a text size or add an image or--gasp--make some words a different color.

So I've moved to Wordpress. I'm brand new there and have basically no idea what I'm doing! But I am posting, so there will be no interruption of service--whether that's a good or bad thing is your call:>)

And over the next month or two, I'll get the blog all set up and prettified! I hope you'll join me there and bookmark the page or add it to your blogroll or reader.

Meanwhile, if you're an LJ friend, I've set up a feed so that you can still read my posts on your Friends Page: laurasalas2. (Thank you, Jama Rattigan of Alphabet Soup, for answering my Wordpress questions and telling me how to set up this feed. Like I said, I'm clueless about lots of blog things--as evidenced by my bad click described above! Jama and Susan Taylor Brown have saved me many hours with their help!)

See ya here, there, or somewhere, I hope! (Perfect example: LJ did not want to let this last line be Medium size. Why? No idea. Grrr...)

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