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Poetry Friday: Dogku (Andrew Clements)

Stories told in haiku often don't work for me because in needing to move the plot forward or summarize a lot of stuff in one short poem, the haiku become prose-y and very distant from the qualities I love about them--their photo-of-an-instant feeling and their imagery. But here's a haiku I love from Andrew Clements' Dogku (Atheneum, 2007).

Morning brings children.
Hugs, licks, barking, and laughing.
Warmer than sunshine.

--Andrew Clements, all rights reserved

At the back of the book, Clements explains the appeal of haiku to him, how this small form feels comfortable when you're overwhelmed with too many words and so many choices of what to do with them.

In the wide garden,
I am dizzy with flowers.
I choose a small vase.

--Andrew Clements, all rights reserved

It's a perfect day for soup (I made white chicken chili last night, in fact), so it's perfect that The Poetry Friday Roundup is at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup! Have fun!
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