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15 Words or Less Poems: Valhalla!


File:Valkyrie bearing Hero to Valhalla.jpg

Image: Artist unknown, image in public domain

Wake up your poetry brains with 15 Words or Less (guidelines here)!

This image from a book is captioned "Valkyrie bearing Hero to Valhalla."

This weekend, Minnesota Brass will be in New York for the Drum Corps Associates world championship. Our show, Valhalla, is an epic tale of Viking battle, death, and resurrection in Valhalla. Learning to spin flags for the color guard has been one of the most physically demanding things I've ever done, and I'm excited and nervous for this final competition.

If you feel like it, I thought it might be interesting for you to share 15 Words or Less poems about some kind of tough battle you've faced--either serious or light-hearted. Or, of course, you can write about whatever this image makes you think of!

I won't be able to comment on your poems, but I'll look forward to reading them on my phone in between practices! If you think of it, send a Viking battle cry our way on Sunday evening!

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