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15 Words or Less Poems: Scooba Dooba Doo (or Don't)


Image:  she _ said @ comcast . net at Snarkolepsy blog
Wake up your poetry brains with 15 Words or Less (guidelines here)!

I hate to clean. We tried both a Roomba and a Scooba at one point, with less then stellar success. We couldn't return them and ended up donating them with a note that someone more mechanically inclined might have better luck than we did. But I still long for them (working versions, that is), swishing and swirling throughout the house every day, sucking up dog hair and dust and leaving us with clean floors with no effort on our parts. Ahhhh. It's a nice dream. Anyway, here's what this Scooba makes me think of.

*   An electronic scale that can weigh my laziness. How do you measure pounds?
*   Tiny spy mice, who ride a Scooba around a house and hop off onto furniture to search for clues--no footprints left behind
 *   An empty room is easy to clean. Give me something that works on a room full of chairs and corners!

So, what does this picture make you think of? Write a quick 15 Words or Less poem and share it in a comment below. Keep it clean, people!

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