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15 Words or Less Poems: Spent


26. TRACK & FIELD - Erik Sjoqvist is exhausted at the finish line of the 5000m event.
Wake up your poetry brains with 15 Words or Less (guidelines here)!

I made it through my first two drum corps shows--it's been an intense week of parade last Thursday night, drill camp all day both days over the weekend, show Tuesday night (first of the season), camp all day yesterday and show last night. My body and my brain are overwhelmed, which is why I chose the above picture, and I have so much to get better at before the next show. (But the corps did a fantastic job, and I was proud to be part of it, even if I was just a tiny, off-time, doing the wrong work part!)

Here's what this picture makes me think of:

*   All that work to come in second
*   Road rash is worse than a broken leg
*   I'm so embarrassed that I fell--would it be better to pretend to be really injured, so they can take me off the field as a hero, than to get up and finish the race in last place?

So, what does this picture make you think of? Write a quick 15 Words or Less poem and share it in a comment below. Have fun!


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