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15 Words or Less Poems: The Envelope, Please

Envelope containing May Edward Hill’s letter to Daniel Hill Jr., January 5, 1919

Photo: Archives of Ontario

Welcome to 15 Words or Less Poetry! If you've never played or want a reminder on the rules, please check out the guidelines!

At my Young Authors Conferences this week, the kids are writing poems of fear and hope. The fear poems, we write directly on the envelope, because fear is easy to find--it's right there, in your face. The hope poems we write on brightly colored index cards and put inside the envelopes, because you have to keep hope inside and it can be there influencing you, even when it's not as easy to see. So, envelopes have been on my mind.

This envelope makes me think of Dear John letters, my nephew serving overseas, and the way my stomach still rollercoasters whenever I get an envelope from a publisher. What does it make you think of?

Take one of your answers and write a quick 15 Words or Less poem. It doesn't have to describe this picture. Just get your brain moving and have fun with it! 

Feel free to offer each other encouragement and feedback (see the guidelines link above), and I'll be back, probably tomorrow, to see what you've sent in the Comments! I'm sure your poems will be First Class. Arrrgg. Sorry.

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