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Poetry Friday: Brunch (by Robert Weinstock)

One of the poets I got to meet in Texas last month was Robert Weinstock, whose new book Can You Dig It? (Hyperion, 2010) is a blast--from the past! It's about cavemen and dinosaurs, and after Douglas Florian and Leslie Bulion mentioned the in-depth research they did for their science-based poetry books, Robert confessed, in his funny, droll speaking style, that he didn't do any research at all for this new collection.

I could really dislike Robert, as I'm jealous of people who both illustrate and write (did I mention how funny the art is for this book?), especially poetry, but he seems like a nice guy. Dang.

So I'll just share one of the poems from Can You Dig it?


Inside a pterodactyl's nest
Is not the place to be
When chicktyls hatch. Who would have guessed
My omelet might eat me?

--Robert Weinstock, all rights reserved

His poems had the librarians laughing their heads off. So check out this book and find an aisle to roll around in.

Diane at Random Noodling has the Poetry Friday Roundup today. Enjoy!

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