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15 Words or Less: Acanthite


Photo: Rob Lavinsky /

Welcome to 15 Words or Less Poetry! If you've never played or want a reminder on the rules, please check out the guidelines!

I'm finally home from all my April travels, and I'm happy to be back to normal for 15 Words or Less Thursday. I can't wait to read your poems and share what my favorite bits are. Thanks, you guys, for commenting on each others' poems the past several weeks. Keep it up!

This image of acanthite reminds me of an inkblot or cloud formation--you can see so many things in it! This makes me think of the Weisman Art Museum, a survivor trapped under rubble after an earthquake, and someone trying to break free of routine (something about those curved pieces makes me think of arms struggling against the rest of the rock). What does it make you think of?

Take one of your answers and write a quick 15 Words or Less poem. It doesn't have to describe this picture. Just get your brain moving and see what comes out! For an extra challenge during National Poetry Month, try writing your poem either FOR a child or FROM a child's point of view. But if it doesn't come out as a children's poem, that's OK. Share whatever you come up with:>)

Feel free to offer each other encouragement and feedback (see the guidelines link above)--that is so much appreciated by everyone.

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