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15 Words or Less Poems: Red Dragon(fly)



File:JeHu68 - Red Dragonfly (by).jpg 
Photo: JeHu68 from Rotterdam, Netherlands

Welcome to 15 Words or Less Poetry Day! If you've never played or want a refresher on the guidelines, please check out the guidelines!

This red dragonfly makes me think of tatted lace, a fancy pen, and the buzzing sound you hear when you sit quietly by a lake or pond in the summer. What does it make you think of?

Take one of your answers and write a superfast 15 Words or Less poem. It doesn't have to describe this picture. Just get your brain revving and see what comes out!

Feel free to offer each other encouragement and feedback (see the guidelines link above)--that is so much appreciated by everyone.

And Wednesday is the last day to vote for Stampede in the Minnesota Readers' Choice. Will you click on the aqua banner at the top of the post to vote? Thanks so much!

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