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This Week's Photo: Unlikely Friends


Photo: Norbert Rosing

I try not to post too many cute photos, because they tend to inspire (for me, anyway) sappy poems. But c'mon. Can you resist this?

Renowned nature photographer Norbert Rosing took a whole series of pix of a polar bear playing (every night for a week) with huskies. You can
read a bit about it here and visit his site for amazing nature photos.

But enough about how cool this is. The real question is, what does it make you THINK of? What does it remind you of?

For me, it makes me think about how sad it will be if this world loses one of its fiercest and most mysterious predators due to climate change and habitat degradation. It also makes me think of those girls in high school who are really predators and natural enemies, but they team up for common purposes--cute, but you know they could turn on each other in a heartbeat. And it makes me wonder...if all the stuffed animals in a kid's bedroom came to life one night, would they all get along? Or would they act like they would in the wild?

So, what does it make you think of?

Take one of your answers to that question and write a quick 15 words or less poem and leave it in the comments below. Have fun!
Click here for guidelines if you've never played before. The poem doesn't have to describe this image. Just use the picture to get your poetry brain working and see what comes out!

P.S. If you haven't seen it already, I posted a list of online poetry prompts yesterday. Thanks for those ofyou who shared some I was unaware of!

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