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Poetry Friday Right Here!


Happy Poetry Friday!

I've been re-reading Words with Wrinkled Knees: Animal Poems, an old collection by Barbara Juster Esbensen (who also wrote one of my favorite poetry collections ever, Swing Around the Sun). Here's one poem I love:

You must read
this word under water
wavering nets of cool
A vertical word
with its fragile head     blown
from glass     a curled tail
beneath     The eyes   serious
almost have lashes     blink
No one races here     no crowds cheer
gentle     upright swims
toward us     We can barely hear
the whinny

--Barbara Juster Esbensen, all rights reserved

The Cybils nominations are now closed, and I hope you've all nominated some books you love. I can't wait to see the short lists and the winners. And a huge thank you to all of you bloggers who are always championing books, authors, and illustrators. I read many books that I would never know about because I see them on your blogs. You help me find such great books and poems every single week--thank you!

OK, Mister Linky's below. Click on Mister Linky and add your link there. You can leave a comment to this post, too, if you want, but you've gotta leave a Mister Linky link to appear in the master list. Thanks!


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