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My Blog Meander for Stampede

[This isn't any new info--it's just a kind of reference post for me.]

I didn't really do a concentrated blog tour for Stampede...more like a mosey or a meander. And now I just wanted to have all the stops listed together in one blog post here for future reference.

MY BLOG...MEANDER     (not quite a tour)

April 3: Interview at Deb Marshall's Celebrate Story

April 3: Soup of the Day at Jama Rattigan's Alphabet Soup

April 9: Brief interview and teaching guide at TracieZimmer

April 12: Interview with Bruce Black at Wordswimmer about my writing process

April 17: Interview with Jules at Seven Impossible Things Before Breakfast

April 24: Interview in the Poetry Makers series at The Miss Rumphius Effect

Thanks to everyone who hosted me!
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