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The Poems: It's Looking at You (February 20, 2009)


Photo: Don't know--found this image all over the web, but can't find the photographer

OK, nothing creepier than an abandoned theme park. This is from an abandoned theme park in the town of Pripyat. It was set to open, and then the Chernobyl reactor disaster happened. What does this image make you think of? The first scary movie you saw? Your daughter's 4th birthday party at Circus Pizza where she cried and hid from the singing clown the entire time? The rusty Toyota Corolla you worked two years at Burger King to buy? If you'd like to play, just choose any topic this image makes come to your mind and write a quick 15 Words or Less poem. Your poem doesn't have to describe this photo. The picture is just a jumping-off point. Here are yesterday's poems--boy, we are not big fans of clowns, are we?


The happy gate
to your dreams of excessive pleasure.
Don't leave.
See my smile?

--Pat Schmatz


He may be old--
skin flaking
hat askew
hands trembling
but never
without a smile.

--Diane Mayr


He still smiles

Remnant of destruction
Still smiles
Hope never gives way
To pessimism




The Abyss takes many forms,
Some hard to predict.




Too bad
So sad
All grown up
Be calm
Sing psalm
I’m pregnant



Can be

--Dara Dokas



Billy's party was a blast!
When Mom came, though,
she was aghast.





Bloodthirsty tears
rain from abandoned hills.
A smile escapes, exemplifying
the likelihood of another rampage.


The Clown

I should like him
But I don’t.
Glad to see him
On the ground broken-down.




Hard Times

The carnival arrives,
children swarm
carnival leaves town
This time,
The town left the carnival

--Rick Wainright



Clown Graveyard

Ancient shrines neglected,
castrated by new pantheons,
without money changers the flock disperses.

--stu pidasso


hurry, spring!

metal monster
waits for
promised beauty

nature doesn't care
who comes to visit

--Susan Taylor Brown



if a clown
in the wasteland
will anyone laugh?

--Kathy Q.



to rust,
why wait
for weeds
to inherit the earth?

--Kathy Q.



hidden behind
my painted smile,
searching for happiness.

--Marianne H. Nielsen




Said the caterpillar
to Alice,
I have improooved the poem...
Don't you like it

--Diane M. Davis



Rollercoaster Corpse Found In Local Wood

20th century humans
had not yet distinguished between
fun and fear.
Little has changed.

--John Mutford



Roller Coaster's Last Ride Into the Sunset
"Not! Yet!"

Laughter, screaming,
urine, sweat,
vomit, gas, Jim's cigarette
Now they ride the... internet

--Pamela Ross


Who Could Trust a Face Like That?

Face somewhat resembles joy 

Bad nose job,
Botoxed forehead,
Mad grin

Do not convince me

--Laura Purdie Salas

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